What would John Donne's London have sounded like?

Following on my earlier note on the video fly-through of 17th c. London, here's a similar project centered on Old St Paul's -- the magestic cathedral that dominated London's skyline before the Great Fire of 1666 -- and St Paul's Cross, an outdoor raised pulpit from which sermons were preached and announcements were made. Graduate students in various departments at North Carolina State University worked together to craft a visual and audio recreation of one of John Donne's sermons, the "Gunpowder Day Sermon" of 1622, to replicate what it would have been like to have stood in St Paul's Churchyard and hear, through the ambient noise, Dr. Donne's preaching. That project, the Virtual Paul's Cross Website, has all sorts of nifty information, both technical info on the methods used to create the videos and historical info on the sermon and accompanying order of service. The videos below (which I found via the Londonist's article on the project) give you, first, a silent fly-through of the St Paul's churchyard, and second, a 30-second clip of the sermon itself.