ENGL6240: Chaucer


This course is cross-listed with ENGL 4240, and will be a mixed graduate/undergraduate classroom; please see the course description for ENGL 4240 for details.

Students in the graduate section will do the same reading and minor assignments as the undergraduates. They may choose one of three "tracks" for their major assignments (to be decided upon within the first month of class, in dialogue with the professor). "Recommended" tracking below is not prescriptive, and I will entertain alternate project ideas within reason.

Track 1: An appropriately expanded version of the undergraduate requirements (multiple papers of more substance and length; exams). This track is recommended for honors undergraduates enrolling in the graduate section and for MA students who have little or no exposure to Chaucer.

Track 2: Chaucer pedagogy. Students in this track will write one essay, take one exam, and prepare teaching materials (syllabus, assignments, teaching notes, handouts, etc) appropriate to a high school or college-level course in Chaucer. Students will also be asked to lead one full class day late in the semester. This track is recommended for PhD students in related fields and with some exposure to Chaucer who wish to develop a teaching competence in the area.

Track 3: Chaucer, PhD. Students in this track will develop a research agenda which they will pursue in a final essay (with intermediary work, such as short drafts, annotated bibliographies, etc. as deemed appropriate) not unlike that done in a graduate-only course. Because students on this track will be undertaking a fair bit of self-directed research and study, this track is most appropriate for MA and PhD students with prior exposure to Chaucer. This track is also available to PhD students in fields outside Middle English who wish to use their expertise in their home fields (Renaissance, 18c, Victorian, etc) to pursue Chaucer reception in those areas.

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