Submitted / Under revision

  •     Park, C., Choi, H., Delcher, C., Wang, Y., and Yoon, Y.-J., Convex Clustering Analysis for Histogram-Valued Data, Submitted.
  •     Choi, H. Poythress, J. C., Park, C., Jeon, J. and Park, C., Regularized Boxplot via Convex Clustering, Submitted.
  •     Wang, L.-Y., Chung, J., Park, C., Choi, H., Rodrigue, A., Pierce, J., Clementz, B. A., and McDowell, J. E., Regularized Aggregation of Statistical Parametric Maps, Submitted.
  •     Baek, C., Park, C., and Lee, T., Block wild bootstrap-based CUSUM test for mean shifts robust to high persistence and variance shifts, Submitted.
  •     Bai, Y., Dang, Y., Park, C., and Lee, T., A Rolling Analysis on the Prediction of Value at Risk with Multivariate GARCH and Copula, Submitted.