Submitted / Under revision

  •    Huh, J. Dyal, D., and Park, C., Nonparametric Estimation of Single-Index Models in Scale-Space, Under revision.
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  •    Poythress, J. C., Ahn, J., and Park, C., Dimension-wise Sparse Low-rank Approximation of a Matrix with Application to Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Integrative Analyses of Association, Submitted.
  •    Poythress, J. C., Ahn, J., and Park, C., Low-rank, Orthogonally Decomposable Tensor Regression with Application to Visual Stimulus Decoding of fMRI Data, Submitted.
  •    Kang, I., Park, C., Yoon, Y.-J., Park, C., and Choi, H., Classification of Histogram-Valued Data with Support Histogram Machines, Submitted.
  •    Zhang, Q. and Park, C., Minimax Estimation of Covariance and Precision Matrices for High-dimensional Time Series with Long-memory, Submitted.
  •    Dahal, S., Subedi, A., Cabrera, M., Hancock, D., Hendricks, T., Mahmud, K., Ney, L., Mishra, D., and Park, C., Strategic Grazing for Improving Spatial Distribution of Active Carbon and Inorganic Nitrogen, Submitted.