New article published by Philip Limerick

Philip Limerick's latest article, "Identity in discourse: person-reference among Mexicans in the Southeastern U.S.", has just been published in Lengua y migración/Language and Migration.  The abstract is copied below. Congrats, Philip!



"Comparing hesitation markers in Sanjuanero Spanish" by Lamar A. Graham

The latest issue of the journal Diálogo de la Lengua: Revista de investigación en filología y lingüística includes an article by one of my advisees, Lamar A. Graham (ABD, Romance Languages), entitled "Comparing hesitation markers in Sanjuanero Spanish."  This work explores the use of hesitation markers (e.g., eh, este, hombre, bueno) in a corpus of spoken Spanish from San Juan de Puerto Rico. The abstract is copied below. Congratulations to Lamar on this accomplishment!

"Las funciones de venga como intensificador en el español peninsular" by Inma Garnes

The latest proceedings of the Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics includes an article by PhD Student Inma(culada) Garnes entitled "Las funciones de venga como intensificador en el español peninsular."  This work explores the use of venga with intensifier functions. The data in her analysis are interesting and, quite frankly, difficult to interpret for non-natives. Particularly, venga can be used as a nominal modifier, similar to muchos, as shown in the example below. The abstract is also provided.

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