Congratulations to Bethany Bateman! (and to Sarah Hubbel!)

Congratulations to Bethany Bateman who defended her MA thesis yesterday!

Lamar Graham at KFLC

Fresh off of his successfull PhD dissertation defense, Lamar Graham will be presenting at the upcoming Kentucky Foreign Language Conference.

Congratulations to Martín Ocón Gamarra!

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that Martín Ocón Gamarra successfully defended his doctoral dissertation this past Friday. Martín's work, entitled "Non-contact versus contact induced language change: The case of Andean pues", explores the role (or lack thereof) of language contact in the process of grammatical innovation using oral interview data from Peruvian Spanish (see abstract below). Congratulations to Martín on this milestone in his academic career!

Congratulations to Lamar Graham!

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that Lamar A. Graham successfully defended his doctoral dissertation yesterday. This work, entitled “The history of the future: Morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization”, provides a novel account of the historical development of the analytic future and conditional forms in Portuguese and Spanish drawing from a number of different theoretical approaches (see abstract below). Dr. Timothy Gupton, Dr. Diana Ranson, and I were very impressed with his command of the material and the innovative perspective he assumed in his analysis.


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