UGA folks at HLS 2016

On October 7-9, several UGA students (both current and former) will be presenting at the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium being held at Georgetown University. The current UGA students presenting at HLS are Kate Bove (3rd year doctoral student) and Philip Limerick (3rd year doctoral student).

Long-term histories of grammatical traditions

Yesterday I participated in a workshop organized by Prof. Philomen Probert in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics at Oxford University. The workshop was titled "Long-term histories of grammatical traditions" and was comprised of scholars (mostly European, except for some random American guy) discussing topics ranging from long vowels in ancient Greek and Latin grammatical texts to the passive interpretation of Indo-Aryan ergative structures. The complete slate of talks is listed below:

Global Research Collaboration Grant

Back in April, we submitted a proposal to the Office of International Studies Global Research Collaboration Grant program. This project, entitled "Women's health and cultural intervention in Cusco, Peru: A cooperative partnership," is a joint venture with Dr. Daron Ferris at Augusta University. The most recent edition of Columns has a short write-up about the different projects that were funded. I've copied our project description below.

Seventh Annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas

The Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas, now in its seventh year, focuses on both formal and sociolinguistic approaches to language context situations, especially in heritage language communities (naturally acquired languages spoken in a community where it is not the majority variety). The 7th installment of this conference will be held at the University of Georgia on October 27-29, 2016. 


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