¡Enhorabuena, Dr. Garnes!

Mohammad Aljutaily at Arizona Linguistics Circle

UGA Linguistics PhD student, Mohammad Aljutaily, will present at the upcoming Arizona Linguistics Circle 10. He will be presenting some of his work on Gulf Pidgin Arabic in a paper entitled "The alternations of pharyngealization in Gulf Pidgin Arabic: a sociophonetic study". Best of luck to Mohammad as he travels to Tucson!

Congratulations to Philip Limerick!

I am very pleased to report that Philip Limerick has successfully defended his PhD comprehensive exams. The other members of his committee (Dr. Sarah Blackwell and Dr. Margaret Lubbers Quesada) and I put Philip through his paces regarding a variety of issues regarding the study of subject pronouns in Spanish. Philip also completed his dissertation prospectus defense as well.


This past weekend, two UGA graduate students and I attended the Symposium on Indigenous Languages and Cultures of Latin America (ILCLA) held concurrently with the 3rd Symposium on Teaching and Learning Indigenous Languages of Latin America (STILLA) at The Ohio State University. Bethany Bateman (current PhD student) and I presented a paper entitled "Spanish in the Quechua classroom: Challenges and opportunities" in which we considered the role of Spanish in Quechua language instruction, focusing specifically on those difficulties that


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