New paper by Joey Stanley in UGA Working Papers

I neglected to mention in my previous post that Joey Stanley has a paper in the recently published volume of the UGA Working Papers in Linguistics, edited by linguistics grad students Rachel Miller Olsen and Karen Sesterhenn.

Joey Stanley at ADS

If you in Austin, TX  and planning to attend either the meeting of the American Dialect Societyor the Linguistic Society of America, consider checking out the talk by UGA grad student, Joey Stanley, entitled "The perception and production of two vowel mergers in Cowlitz County, Washington". It's scheduled for Thursday, January 5th at 5:00. Check it out!

¡Enhorabuena, Dr. Garnes!

Mohammad Aljutaily at Arizona Linguistics Circle

UGA Linguistics PhD student, Mohammad Aljutaily, will present at the upcoming Arizona Linguistics Circle 10. He will be presenting some of his work on Gulf Pidgin Arabic in a paper entitled "The alternations of pharyngealization in Gulf Pidgin Arabic: a sociophonetic study". Best of luck to Mohammad as he travels to Tucson!


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