Mohamad Al Jutaily at Alabama Languages Conference

Mohammad Al Jutaily will be presenting at this weekend's installment of the University of Alabama's Languages Conference. His talk, entitled "Length of residency in a language contact setting and its influence on the degree of sound variation in speech community", is on Friday, February 17th in the afternoon session. Best of luck to Mohammad on his talk!

Crossroads 2017 at UGA

The Graduate Students in the Department of Romance Languages at UGA are hosting Crossroads 2017 this weekend. In addition to two exciting plenarists (Dr. Timothy Gupton from UGA and Dr. Subha Xavier from Emory Univeristy), the conference features a long list of interesting talks by students from UGA, University of Alabama, and University of Miami, just to name a few.

Advisees at DiVar1

The upcoming conference on Diversity and Variation in Language (DiVar1), set to be held at Emory University February 10-11, features three of my current advisees. 

New paper by Joey Stanley in UGA Working Papers

I neglected to mention in my previous post that Joey Stanley has a paper in the recently published volume of the UGA Working Papers in Linguistics, edited by linguistics grad students Rachel Miller Olsen and Karen Sesterhenn.


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