Romance Linguistics Colloquium Series (RLCS)

The Romance Linguistics Colloquium Series is a forum for current research in linguistics by students and faculty. Presenters are typically allotted 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 additional minutes for questions. If you would like to present an RLCS paper, please send a 100-150 abstract to Timothy Gupton. Presentations are typically scheduled on Wednesday or Friday afternoon.

Upcoming talks:

August 16, 2013:

On the twitch: focalizing'ser'

All linguists at some time (and more than likely multiple times per day) prick up their ears when they encounter an unexpected or rare structure 'in the wild'. This happened to me yesterday as I was talking with a Colombian friend about a trip that he'd recently taken. He was explaining an issue he'd encountered with an airline that had lost a piece of luggage. The resolution of the story included the following utterance:

(1)  Se encontró fue la maleta.

Quechua at UGA

In fall 2013, I will be offering Elementary Quechua Language and Culture (QUEC 1001). For more information, please feel free to contact me. Click here for a course syllabus.
Course Description for QUEC 1001:

"Las funciones de venga como intensificador en el español peninsular" by Inma Garnes

The latest proceedings of the Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics includes an article by PhD Student Inma(culada) Garnes entitled "Las funciones de venga como intensificador en el español peninsular."  This work explores the use of venga with intensifier functions. The data in her analysis are interesting and, quite frankly, difficult to interpret for non-natives. Particularly, venga can be used as a nominal modifier, similar to muchos, as shown in the example below. The abstract is also provided.


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