Congrats to Joshua Hummel and Christa Rampley!

On Friday, two MA students in the Linguistics Program, Joshua Hummel and Christa Rampley, successfully defended their respective theses. These works (see titles below) both treated issues of lexical variation in contemporary American English.

UGA folks at KFLC

At the upcoming Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference, there will be three presentations by current UGA Grad students. 

Congratulations to Rachel Kim!

Dot-Eum (Rachel) Kim (PhD student, Linguistics Program) successfully defended her first Qualifying Paper today. The paper, entitled "Do you want to be called women or lady?", focuses on "linguistic change with regard to lexical variation--namely, contemporary preference for the use of female reference terms in a variety of contexts." Her committee, including Drs. Chamorro and Renwick, and I were impressed with Rachel's observations concerning what turned out to be quite a complex topic.

Congratulations to her on this important achievement!

Bethany Bateman in Palo Alto

Bethany Bateman (PhD student in Romance Languages) will be traveling to Stanford University next week to attend the Indigenous Languages of Latin America Workshop: Pedagagoy and Technology, put on my the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University. According to the website:


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