UGA folks in Utah

*A handful of UGA graduate students descended upon Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend to attend the meetings of the Linguistic Society of America and the American Dialects Society. Among this group were two of my advisees, Joey Stanley and Kyle Vanderneit, who presented together yesterday at a session on Utah English. Joey was also involved in a presentation at the ADS with some of his colleagues from the Linguistics Atlas (including Dr. William A. Kretzschmar Jr., Dr. Margaret E. L. Renwick, Rachel M. Olsen, Michael Olsen) on a presentation of The Gazetteer of Southern Vowels. Also presenting in Utah were graduate students Katie Kuiper and Steffan Nelson.

Looking forward to hearing the full recap!


* I've opted here to use the commonly accepted collective noun 'a handful' to refer to graduate students. And though these students no doubt consider themselves 'a handful', both in the quantitative and figurative senses, I think it's time to consider other collective nouns that might be used in this context. So in the tradition of suggesting completely superfluous (and ultimately disregarded cutsey collective nouns), I'm going to suggest some items that we might use to refer to linguists (because why not). To begin, given the sociolingiustics slant of these presentations, my first suggestion is "a variable of sociolinguists." Not great, I know, but I'll keep working.