Talk by Dr. Cecilia Montes-Alcalá

On Friday, April 13th, we will be hosting a talk by Dr. Cecilia Montes-Alcalá from the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech. Her talk is entitled "Spanglish deconstructed: Spanish and English contact Realities" (abstract below) and will be held in Gilbert Hall 115 at 2:30. Please join us this Friday!

In this talk I will attempt to expose the fallacies surrounding the so-called Spanglish. I will review the traditional definitions, its controversies and the arguments presented by critics and promoters. I will illustrate instances of typical language contact phenomena that take place between English and Spanish such as borrowing, semantic extension, calques, and code-switching. More specifically, I will examine the types and rules of language mixing and the functions it performs in bilingual communities. Lastly, I will address other misconceptions of what Spanglish is—and is not—and how they influence our perception of the present and future of Spanish in the US.