Kudos all around!

In the midst of trying to draft a number of individual posts related to student achievements during the past several weeks, I have decided to provide a list of pending announcements here in one message. My apologies to anyone who feels slighted by a group recognition.

  • On Friday, May 5th, Mohammad Aljutaily (PhD Linguistics) successfully defended his second research paper, entitled "Productions of Arabic monophthong vowels by Gulf Pidgin Arabic speakers: An acoustic analysis". His committee, consisting of Drs. Chamorro and Renwick and myself, was impressed with his work. He also presented and defended his dissertation prospectus.
  • In April, Philip Limerick's (PhD, Romance Languages) first article, "Language contact in the US Southeast: The case of Spanish subject expression in an emerging bilingual community in Georgia", was published in the journal Spanish in Context (2017; 14:1, pages 53-78). Philip also has an article forthcoming in the journal Lengua y Migración. Finally, Philip was awarded the Delores Artau Award for academic excellence by the Department of Romance Languages.
  • Shannon Rodríguez (PhD, Linguistics) was selected by the UGA Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education to receive a Goizueta Foundation Graduate Scholars Fund Assistantship.
  • On Thursday, May 4th, Joey Stanley (PhD, Linguistics) successfully defended his second research paper, entitled "Near-mergers in Cowlitz County, Washington." The committee (Drs. Renwick and Kretzschmar) all agreed that Joey's work in this paper was quite good; we're all excited to see how it develops. Joey was also awarded funds through the UGA Graduate School's Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Award to support his doctoral research.
  • Jessica Tiegs (MA, Romance Languages) received a Graduate Field Research Award, offered by UGA's Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute. This award will fund the research for Jessica's MA thesis research this summer in Perú. 

As a final note, I'd like to point out that one of my former advisees, Dr. Lamar Graham, has recently had an article published in the Journal of Portuguese Linguistics (2017; 16:1). His article, entitled "An Optimality–theoretic Account of the Evolution of Intervocalic Sonorants from Latin to Spanish and Portuguese", is an excellent read. Congrats, Lamar!