Crossroads 2017 at UGA

The Graduate Students in the Department of Romance Languages at UGA are hosting Crossroads 2017 this weekend. In addition to two exciting plenarists (Dr. Timothy Gupton from UGA and Dr. Subha Xavier from Emory Univeristy), the conference features a long list of interesting talks by students from UGA, University of Alabama, and University of Miami, just to name a few. And though the content of the presentations ranges across different disciplines, the linguistics talks are particulary attractive (though, as you can imagine, I am very much biased). The list of the linguistics talks is provided below.

Best of luck to all the students presenting at this year's Crossroads Conference!


Friday at 4:00: Plenary Talk

Dr. Timothy Gupton (UGA) “On Spanish Interface Competencies”


Saturday at 9:00: Session on Linguistic Variation

Madeline Critchfield (UGA) "Variation in Number in the Verbal Morpholog y of Miskitu-Spanish Bilinguals"

Bethany Bateman (UGA) "Unstressed Vowel Reduction in Andean Spanish"

Jane Magdalena Vallejo Morales (UNED) "El manejo del lenguaje en “Zagal y Zagala” de LA TRIBUNA de Emilia Pardo Bazán"


Saturday at 10:30: Session on the Impact of Geography and Culture on Language

Manuel Martin (University of Alabama) "Losing Spanish in Gibraltar’s Bilingualism"

Leticia Rincón Herce (UGA) "Anglicisms in the Fashion World: A Comparative Study Between French and Spanish"

Jennifer Robinson (UGA) "Politeness Strategies in Student Emails"


Saturday at 1:45: Session on Applied Linguistics

Viviane de Souza Klen Alves Moore (UGA) "Telecollaboration in the Language Classroom: Dilemmas of  Interinstitutional Projects"

Vanesa Alonso González (Georgia State University) "Picture Books in the L2 classroom"

Ingrid Abisambra (UGA) and Alejandro Ugarte (Georgia State University) "An Alternative to Build Up an Extensive Reading Library for Beginner Students"


Saturday at 1:45: Session on Topics in Romance Languages

Robin Turner (University of Alabama) "The Evolution of the Periphrastic Future in Dialogue with the  Subjunctive Future in Romance"

Diogenes Santos & Kelly Cristina de Souza Owens (University of Missouri) "Maracujá and PEPP: A Study of the Anaphora Resolution in the Portuguese Language of the Maracujá Community and Salvador, Brazil"

Javier Cabezas Zapata (UGA) "El verbo tener en construcciones (im)personales temporales"

Diogo Cosme & Camila Livio Emidio (UGA) “Aleatório”, “random”, “randômico” and “randomicamente”:  linguistic borrowing and grammaticalization in Brazilian Portuguese