If you’re interested in working with me, please take a look at my current Advisee Guide (under revision!). It’s intended to provide some useful guidance in the process of completing your graduate requirements. It’s also a bit out of date so please contact me if you have any questions.

Current Advisees:

  • Mohamad Al Jutaily (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, variation in Arabic, phonetics/phonology
  • Bethany Bateman (PhD, Romance Languages), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish/Quechua Contact
  • Katie Dicken (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish in the US
  • Joshua Hummel (MA, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, language and the media
  • Rachel Kim (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, perception of US dialects by L2 speakers of English
  • Philip Limerick (PhD, Romance Languages), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish in the US
  • Christa Rampley (MA, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics and lexical diffusion
  • Shannon Rodríguez (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish in the US
  • Joseph "Joey" Stanley (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: sociolinguistics, vowel variation in American English, and statistical methods
  • Longlong Wang (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: sociolinguistics, language variation in Singaporean English


Former Advisees:

  • Inma Garnes (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: Marcadores conversacionales como origen de intensificadores en el español peninsular: la gramaticalización de venga (2016; Profesora Asociada, Universitat de València) [Abstract]
  • Sarah Hubbel (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Acquiring Quechua mid vowels: L1 English L2 Spanish Third Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context  (2016) [Abstract]

  • Bethany Bateman (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Reportative evidentiality in Wounaan meu-Spanish bilinguals: A comparative examination of dice(n) que (2015) [Full Thesis]

  • Lamar Graham (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: The history of the future: Morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization (2015; Postdoctoral Fellow of Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill) [Abstract and Full Dissertation]
  • Minh Nguyen (Linguistics Major, CURO), Honors Thesis Title: A #whitewashed landscape: internalized racism, linguistic discrimination, and the policing of ethnic identity on Twitter (2015; PhD Student in Linguistics at Georgetown University) [Abstract]
  • Martín Ocón Gamarra (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: Non-contact versus contact induced language change: The case of Andean pues (2015; Lecturer of Spanish in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Southern California) [Abstract and Full Dissertation]
  • Philip Limerick (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Spanish subject expression in Roswell, Georgia: Dialect formation in an emerging bilingual community (2014) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • Kristen Fredriksen (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Constraints on perfect auxiliary contraction: Evidence from spoken American English (2012) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • Allison Wachter (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Semantic Prosody and Intensifier Variation in Academic Speech (2012) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • Kerry Steinberg (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Language Use, Language Attitudes and Mobility: The Case of the Rural and Urban Areas of Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay (2011) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • Laura Greifner (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Negative Connotations in Adjectives versus Nouns: The Test Case of Poor (2009) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • Javier Lluch Latorre (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: La pragmática de la entonación en el discurso político (2008) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • William Pennington (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Split antecedents and pronominal expressions in Spanish (2008) [Abstract / Full Thesis]
  • Ninosca Pérez Minchola (MA, Romance Languages, Thesis Title: El rol de la cortesía en entrevistas políticas conflictivas en la televisión peruana (2007) [Full Thesis]
  • Anne Rutter Sekanina (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Address form selection amongst urban Spanish youth: The influence of the Cheli sociolect (2007) [Abstract / Full Thesis]