Quechua 1001: Fall 2014

In fall 2014, I will be offering Elementary Quechua Language and Culture (QUEC 1001). For more information, please feel free to contact me. Click here for a course syllabus (from fall 2013, subject to change).

Garnes, Limerick, and other UGA folks at WSS7

During this weekend's 7th International Conference on Spanish Sociolinguistics in Madison, WI, grad students Inma Garnes (ABD, Romance Languages) and  Philip Limerick (MA, Romance Languages) will be presenting posters. Inma's poster is entitled "Intensificación en el español coloquial: El caso de no, lo siguiente", and Philip's is entitled "Spanish Subject Expression in Roswell, Georgia: dialect formation in an emerging bilingual community".

Nguyen at UGA CURO Symposium

Today is Day 2 of the UGA Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) Symposium, and I am delighted to report that junior linguistics major Minh Nguyen just finished presenting her original research, which was included in a panel with fellow linguists. The tiel of Minh's talks was "Metaphors of Color: The Linguistics of Internalized Racism" (see abstract below). Congratulations to her for this accomplishment!

Garnes and Limerick at SECCLL

At this past weekend's Southeastern Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures in Savannah, two of my students gave presentations. Inma Garnes (ABD, Romance Languages) presented in a session on Discourse Pragmatics organized by Prof. Sarah Blackwell (UGA). The title of her talk was "Análisis pragmático del intensificador 'no, lo siguiente'".


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