UGA Crossroads

The UGA Crossroads Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference starts today. This event features a variety of presentations by graduate students in Romance Languages, both linguistics and literature/culture. To kick things off, the first plenary speaker is former UGA Grad and current UNC Chapel Hill Professor Dr.

UGA folks in Utah

*A handful of UGA graduate students descended upon Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend to attend the meetings of the Linguistic Society of America and the American Dialects Society. Among this group were two of my advisees, Joey Stanley and Kyle Vanderneit, who presented together yesterday at a session on Utah English.

News from NWAV46

The New Ways of Analyzing Variation 46 conference just wrapped up in Madison, WI. It was great to have such a large contigent of UGA folks attending. Picture above (right to left) are Joshua Bousquette, Andrew Bray, Philip Limerick, Joey Stanley, Mike Olsen, Rachel Olsen, Bill Kretzschmar, and me. UGA (Spanish)Linguistics was very well represented!



UGA folks at HLS 2017


A squadron of UGA faculty and students have descended on Lubbock, TX to attend the 21st Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. The full list of UGA presenters and presentations can be found here. Thanks to Tim Gupton for the fantastic picture. I'm more than a little envious.


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