FLAS Scholarships for Quechua and Portuguese

The UGA Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute is pleased to announce its Spring 2015 competition for FLAS Fellowships.


Several folks from UGA attended the recent NWAV conference in Chicago last weekend. PhD student, Philip Limerick, presented a poster entitled "Constraints on Subject Pronoun Use in Southeastern US Spanish: Findings from Roswell, Georgia." From the size of the rotating audience, which included the likes of Richard Cameron and Gregory Guy, Philip's work was well received.

"Comparing hesitation markers in Sanjuanero Spanish" by Lamar A. Graham

The latest issue of the journal Diálogo de la Lengua: Revista de investigación en filología y lingüística includes an article by one of my advisees, Lamar A. Graham (ABD, Romance Languages), entitled "Comparing hesitation markers in Sanjuanero Spanish."  This work explores the use of hesitation markers (e.g., eh, este, hombre, bueno) in a corpus of spoken Spanish from San Juan de Puerto Rico. The abstract is copied below. Congratulations to Lamar on this accomplishment!

Advisee Kudos

This semester has been a particularly productive one for my advisees. Here are just a few of the many activities and awards they've been involved with.

Bethany Bateman: Bethany was awarded a Graduate Field Research Award to fund her summer research project working with an indigenous group in Southern Panama. Her project, entitled "Language shift in Panama among the Wounaan", is being co-directed by Dr. Julie Velásquez Runk in the Department of Anthropology (UGA). 


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