The main responsibilities of a host institution for an AMS Sectional Meeting are to provide:

  • Fifteen to twenty-five classrooms seating 30-50 people for special sessions. Each classroom needs to have an LCD projector and screen; blackboards or whiteboards are desirable. Overhead (transparency) projectors or document cameras are becoming obsolete, although speakers do occasionally still request them. Two or three should be on hand for contingencies. 
  • One auditorium or lecture hall seating approximately 150 people for the invited addresses. This room must have an LCD projector (preferably two), overhead projector or document camera, and two screens.
  • A large area to conduct registration, in the vicinity of the session rooms, with three 6' or 8' tables, and power outlets.
  • An area for the AMS book exhibit and coffee, preferably adjacent to the registration area. It should be at least 400 square feet. Ten 6' or seven 8' tables for the books, additional tables as necessary for coffee, and a table and chair for the AMS staff person. It is desirable (but not essential) that the book exhibit be in a lockable room, or else in a building that will be locked at the end of the day.
  • Three people (typically students) to help the AMS staff with registration. It is very desirable to have an IT person available to troubleshoot problems with audio-visual equipment.
  • Information about parking, dining options (either in a campus dining facility or nearby restaurants), airline service to the area, transportation options and directions from airport to campus, typical weather, etc.

Moreover, it is desirable that there be approximately 100-150 hotel rooms per night, either within walking distance of campus, or with transportation available to and from campus. AMS staff will appreciate having a list of suggested hotels, and any information about available university discounts.