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MATH 3200, Fall 2018

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8/15/18: I've posted a PDF file of "Changes to problems from 3rd to 4th edition" in the Links section. Also, the assigned problems in Asst. 1 which are new in the 4th edition have been scanned to a PDF, and this file is linked to the Asst. 1 entry in the homework table. I'll continue this with future assignments.


Homework is due at the beginning of class. I prefer homework stapled in the upper left corner and not folded. Your write-ups must be your own work.

Assignment Due Date Problems to Hand In
Asst. 1 Wed. Aug. 22 Chap. 1 # 1, 2-54 (even), 60, 62, 70 [hint: draw the graph of R]


Changes to problems from 3rd to 4th edition

Course Syllabus

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