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MATH 3000, Fall 2017

Matrix transform humorAnnouncements

Jul. 18: Syllabus will be posted before the first day of class (Aug. 14). Course text will be: 

  • Linear Algebra and Its Applications (5th Edition) by David C. Lay, Steven R. Lay, Judi J. McDonald.

Aug. 1: If you scored a 5 on the BC Calculus exam and pass one of the courses MATH 2270, 2500, 2700, 3000, 3300, 3500, you can receive credit for MATH 2260 (if you have not already received this credit) by request. You need to email Mo Hendon (mdh@math.uga.edu) and request it. The email should include your name, UGA ID number, and the course you took, and should state that you are requesting MATH 2260 credit because you received a 5 on the BC calculus exam and took one of the listed courses.

Aug. 14: Test 1 is supposed to be on Sep. 20, not Sep. 16. (This happens to be the 16th MWF in the semester...) The syllabus has been corrected (you may need to reload the syllabus page).


Homework is due at the beginning of class. Problems are from the text unless specified otherwise. I prefer homework stapled in the upper left corner and not folded. Your write-ups must be your own work.

Assignment Due Date Problems to Hand In
Asst. 1 Fri. Aug. 25 Sec. 1.1 #24, 32. Sec. 1.2 #20, 24, 26. Sec. 1.3 #12, 26.


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