• o-minimal GAGA and a conjecture of Griffiths
    with Y. Brunebarbe and J. Tsimerman
    preprint (pdf, arXiv)
  • The global moduli of irreducible symplectic varieties
    with C. Lehn
    in preparation
  • Tame topology of arithmetic quotients and algebraicity of Hodge loci
    with B. Klingler and J. Tsimerman
    submitted (pdf, arXiv)
  • The Ax-Schanuel conjecture for variations of Hodge structures
    with J. Tsimerman
    submitted (pdf, arXiv)
  • A global Torelli theorem for singular symplectic varieties
    with C. Lehn
    submitted (pdf, arXiv)
  • The Mercat conjecture for stable rank 2 vector bundles on generic curves
    with G. Farkas
    Amer. J. Math., to appear (pdf, arXiv)
  • The geometric torsion conjecture for abelian varieties with real multiplication
    with J. Tsimerman
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  • The Kodaira dimension of complex hyperbolic manifolds with cusps
    with J. Tsimerman
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  • A classification of Lagrangian planes in holomorphic symplectic varieties
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  • p-torsion monodromy representations of elliptic curves over geometric function fields
    with J. Tsimerman
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  • On the Frey-Mazur conjecture over low genus curves
    with J. Tsimerman
    arXiv preprint (2013) (pdf, arXiv)
  • Lagrangian 4-planes in holomorphic symplectic varieties of K3^[4] type
    with A. Jorza
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    Computational appendix and Code
  • Higher rank stable pairs on K3 surfaces
    with A. Jorza
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  • Hodge polynomials of moduli spaces of stable pairs on K3 surfaces
    My thesis from Princeton University, under Rahul Pandharipande
    June 2010 (pdf)